Mixing Contest featuring Briana Tyson

Briana Tyson’s new song, “Nobody’s Gonna Love You” is a radio ready pop song that’s sponsored by PreSonus and Recording Revolution. I really like this track. It’s catchy vibe is well recorded and produced. What I also like about this song is the big chorus – reminds me of pop songs in the style of Max Martin.

I love to mix, just as much as I love to produce. Like production, mixing requires both creative and technical input.  There’s really nothing like bringing a finished production to life through mixing process. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I totally forget about time. So when I came across this contest I was excited to enter and give it a shot!

Mixing music is no easy task. Many mixing pros have their own way to take a track to it’s full potential. When I mix, I am very critical with the quality of the sound. I only use processing when it’s needed. I believe too much processing hurts the true essence of the production. So it’s important to only enhance when needed.

It’s a challenging mix because there’s so many elements in the chorus. The song breathes in the chorus so as I was mixing I really wanted to open up the chorus parts by making it sound full and huge without sacrificing all the various instruments (vocal doubles, harmony, keys, synths, guitar, snare drum, arps). I wanted each instrument to be present, so proper eq and placement in the stereo stage was important.

The contests is asking for the submissions to be “radio ready”.  To achieve this, I placed lead vocals upfront. The vocals were very well recorded and I wanted to keep the performance authentic so it didn’t need much processing other than eq, harmonics, with reverb and delay. For the drums I needed the snare to sound snappy throughout. The verse sections are minimal and subtle, having powerful drums helps the mix sound more like today’s modern pop.  Although the bass was recorded clean, I injected some distortion to make sound more aggressive and well rounded.

Overall, Briana Tyson’s new song portrays a radio ready sound, but then again, it’s always up to the listener to decide. 🙂



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