Pop Music Producer | Collaborator

Rob Solo’s on a mission to introduce a fresh and original sound to the electronic music world called, “New Pop”.  New Pop can be characterized by its big 80’s kick and snare drum progressions with today’s top 40 hooks. Bass parts are melodic while percussive overtones and filter automation effects bring that dramatic tension most noticeable in EDM.



    A Producer’s job is about creating something from nothing.

    Rob’s background as an artist and songwriter with his technical edge makes him an in demand producer.

  • Mixer


    Mixing is defined by tonal quality, crisp dynamics and an overall balance.

    An acute listening ear and solid acoustic treatment with a dash of creative skill is applied into every mix.



    There’s more to Sound Design than just presets and knobs.

    Designing great sounds is both an art and a science much like a Chemist blending various elements in his lab.



    Collaboration gives us the power to achieve more beyond ourselves.

    Working together and making decisions toward a common goal is just as important as talent and skill.

As a collaborator and co-songwriter — Rob brings a high level of excitement and enthusiasm to the process. He is a pleasure to work with because he understands the overall vision for the project at hand.  His flexible attitude makes him a great asset for any recording artist.

Tony Slash, The Rocketz

“A New Sound of Music Is Here”

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